Welcome From Mary

WelcomeMary Glazier friends and family. Good to see you back again. Check out our new look to coincide with the change of seasons that is once again upon us. The snow-capped mountains crisp the air with the promise of a soft white blanket to tuck 2012-13 in for the coming night. Chuck Pierce prophesied at our recent INCREASE conference that we are entering into a 100-day season that will recreate the move of God in this land. Ministries will open door after door after door. The complete word is in the PROPHECY section of the website. Thank you to all the prayer groups who faithfully prayed through the 100 days. I encourage all of you to join with us in claiming the beautiful promises of God uttered by his servant, Chuck. We are beginning to see many salvations in Alaska as a direct result of increased prayer.

At the recent Alaska Federation of Natives meetings in Anchorage, it became apparent that our native leaders are rising up with new strength. The theme, STRENGTH FOR UNITY, echoes in many hearts. How we desire to see unity in our land. I pray the believers will awaken to this new season and come out of their place of discouragement and inactivity. Call out to the one who loves you so deeply and allow His sweet Presence to awaken you to your destiny. The sound of an UPRISING is now upon us.

Love, Mary